The Emperor Science Award program is now CLOSED. Winners will be notified in early May 2017.


Do You Love Science?

Enter the Emperor Science Award program for a chance to work with a mentoring scientist to explore the world of cancer research.

The Emperor Science Award program is committed to helping all students that have a passion for science join the next generation of cancer researchers. Through this award program, 100 winning students from across the country will be paired with a university-level mentoring scientist to collaborate on an important cancer research project. Whether virtually, or in a lab, students will be able to connect with their mentors to develop valuable research, organization and communication skills! Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.



The program offers students in grades 10-11 a unique opportunity to build a mentor relationship, work on an important cancer research project and create valuable experiences for an educational resume.



100 students will be paired with a mentoring scientist to collaborate virtually on a cancer research project. Plus, students will receive a FREE Google Chromebook to help facilitate communication and $1500 for project expenses.


Do I Enter?

1. Talk to your teacher & check out the resources below.
2. Complete the application & questions.
3. Write your 750-word essay.
4. Submit your application and essay before Friday, March 17, 2017.

*Research projects and virtual mentorships will be conducted from June to August 2017.

Essay Question

“Cancer has been referred to as the emperor of all maladies and millions of people around the world are looking for a cure. In America, over 1600 people die each day. Tell us why scientific research is so important in helping to find a cure for cancer. And if you could be a scientific researcher, what would you study and why?”

Enter deadline is Friday, March 17, 2017| Still Have Questions? Click here for Emperor Science Award FAQs